January 13, 2020



The Atlantic County Council of Education Associations has opened the scholarship application process for the three, $1,500 individual awards annually granted to Atlantic County public high school senior students who plan to pursue higher education post-graduation.


Two $1,500 awards will recognize two Atlantic County public high school seniors who plan to attend college and major in any career field related to public school education. Fields of education could include (but are not limited to): teacher, school psychologist, school social worker, guidance counselor, school nurse, speech/OT/PT therapist, learning disability consultant, etc.  


One $1,500 award will recognize one Atlantic County public high school senior who plans to attend Atlantic Cape Community College regardless of intended major.


Applications are available to be downloaded from the ACCEA website: acceanews.org. Hardcopies of the applications will also be made available through the applicant’s high school Guidance Department. Applications must be completed in their entirety, all requested documentation included, and must be postmarked on or before June 15, 2020 for consideration. The scholarship monies will be disbursed to the recipients upon the completion and verification of the 2020 Fall Semester at their college/university, by mailing an official transcript to ACCEA prior to March 1, 2021.


The Atlantic County Council of Education Associations is the professional association of teachers and other school employees which exists primarily to protect and advance the professional and economic interests of its members by working for better working conditions, higher salaries, increased fringe benefits, progressive personnel policies, and affordable and dignified retirement. ACCEA assists in the development of leadership training programs, professional development, in the framing and support of legal positions for its members and the local school communities. ACCEA, as an affiliate of the New Jersey Education Association, advocates with the Legislature, the public, and private interest groups the need for maintaining a sound, effective and growing public school system. In addition, the ACCEA sponsors  “Friends of Education” Awards to recognize individuals, businesses or organizations making innovative or unique contributions that directly support the school system’s mission of excellence in teaching and learning. ACCEA cooperates in the joint sponsorship of advertisements designed to encourage public support for public education and on legislation positions such as federal aid to education and Social Security improvements.


For additional information, please contact Barbara Rheault, ACCEA 1st Vice President and Scholarship Chair, at (609) 513-2314 or rheaultbarbara@gmail.com