The Atlantic County Council of Education Association Executive Board extends our support for the Montclair Education Association as they continue to work hard to make sure that their members return to safe and healthy school buildings. We feel that it is reprehensible that the district superintendent feels the need to sue the Montclair Education Association in a bullying attempt to have the members return to school buildings. Attempts have been made by the Montclair Education Association to obtain documentation of safe and healthy classrooms for the students and staff of the district, citing issues with the ventilation systems and lack of running water as two of their main concerns. Montclair Education Association was refused a voice in developing the reopening plan for the school district and the superintendent continues to refuse collaboration in making opening the school buildings a safe process. 


Atlantic County Council of Education Associations president, Barbara Rheault, and 2nd Vice President, Melissa Tomlinson as members of the NJEA Working Conditions recently worked in collaboration with the Youth Services Committee to bring policy to NJEA for support of vaccination education and access for all seeking to become vaccinated. With efforts increasing around the state to reach all possible vaccine participants, we feel that it is reckless to open unsafe school buildings while communities are still experiencing positive COVID-19 cases and vulnerable populations are not safe from its effects.